SCOTUS-Backed Surveillance Law Built on a Bush-Era Lie – Page 1 – News – New York – Village Voice

Who needs oversight? What bull.

 With the Supreme Court’s dismissal of that case on February 26, we seem one step closer to permanently enshrining a legal regime that, as of today, allows the government to eavesdrop without warrants on foreigners believed to be outside the country in order to collect “foreign intelligence information,” a term that is broadly defined. But that doesn’t just affect non-Americans. In a brief filed last year with the court, the American Civil Liberties Union explained that “Under the FAA, the government can target anyone—human rights researchers, academics, attorneys, political activists, journalists—simply because they are foreigners outside the United States, and in the course of its surveillance it can collect Americans’ communications with those individuals.” Got a client in Bahrain? A source in Somalia? You are now fair game. “More than 40 million Americans travel overseas each year,” Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy and a former deputy assistant attorney general, told the Voice. “Increased globalization should result in strengthened privacy protections for Americans, but changes to FISA pushed through by President Bush have weakened privacy protections for Americans at home and abroad.”

via SCOTUS-Backed Surveillance Law Built on a Bush-Era Lie – Page 1 – News – New York – Village Voice.


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