Envelopes That Claim to be Important | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

This is a collection of official looking mail which actually contains junk. What’s really ironic is that while these envelopes might get people to open them, they are not as effective as sending out a mailer that has straightforward information. People get annoyed that the content did not match the promise of official mail and not only do they throw it away, they do so with vitriol. Who in their right mind would do business with a company whose first correspondence with you screams “not legit?”

A conspicuous contemporary trend in “traditional” dead-tree junk mail (the snail-mail equivalent of online spam) is to follow the basic format of phishing e-mail: it comes in disguise as legitimate “important” mail, to trick you into clicking on opening it.

And so for a while now, we’ve been amassing a collection of what we call “Envelopes That Claim to be Important.”   Here are a few prime examples of what to watch out for.

via Envelopes That Claim to be Important | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.


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