Documentary in North Korea on How Americans Live – YouTube

We have the right to drink plastic cups of hot snow, eat trees, live on the streets (floors or tents if we’re lucky), await our heroin, and keep phones which don’t work. We must be thankful that the Red Cross crafts tents from North Korean materials. North Korea also hands out free North Korean coffee (presumably not made from snow), blankets and cake. They are most generous and do not even regulate the hair cuts of those in need.

What color is hot coffee snow? I hope it’s not yellow…

This is funny:

朝鲜纪录片:生活在水深火热中的美国人民 Documentary in North Korea – YouTube.


WoW Restaurant Opens in Beijing – YouTube

There is a World of Warcraft restaurant in China. I wonder if they serve things like “Crunchy Spider leg,” “Carrion Surprise,” or “Dig Rat Stew.” If you can’t pay, I suppose they send you to a room in the back to farm gold.

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TYWKIWDBI (“Tai-Wiki-Widbee”): How to make “Jello worms”

Really neat! I will have to try this with the kids.

The photo is self-explanatory.  The thread at Reddit discusses some of the details of preparation, including how to remove the worms from the straws.

For maximum gross-out effect, mix the worms with “dirt” (crushed Oreos!!).

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The Cat Eaters | Articles | Features | Fortean Times UK

For some unfathomable reason, the 17th and 18th centuries threw up a formidable clutch of prodigious eaters. Nothing was safe from their terrible appetites or too disgusting to refuse, as Jan Bondeson gleefully describes.

Antiquaries and historians now recognize Lysons’ Collecteana as a valuable source of cultural history and, while studying them, I came across a startling newspaper cutting from the World, of March 13, 1788: “Amongst the curious Betts of the day, may be reckoned the following: The Duke of Bedford has betted 1000 guineas with Lord Barrymore, that he does not – eat a live Cat! It is said his Lordship grounds his chances upon having already made the experiment upon a Kitten. The Cat is to be fed as Lord Barrymore may chose.”

But what of Lord Bedford’s bet that Lord Barrymore could not eat a cat? Surely practices of the kind described by the ancients had not survived into 18th-century Britain? The unusual bet certainly attracted considerable public attention and several letters and articles appeared in the World under the headline ‘Cat Eating’. One authority on blood sports pointed out that it was “not without precedents in the annals of sporting.” He had himself, he wrote, at a racecourse near Kildare, witnessed an Irishman devouring five fox cubs for a bet of £50. Another said he had, in 1777, seen a Yorkshire shepherd eat a live black tom cat to win a bet of two guineas.

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What Coke Contains — Editors’ Picks — Medium

I thought Coke was made by Santa’s elves in the off season.

The finished product is transported by road to a distribution center, and then to my local Vons. The tools, which span from bauxite bulldozers to refrigerators via urethane, bacteria and cocaine, produces 70 million cans of Coca-Cola each day, one of which can be purchased for about two quarters on most street corners, and each of which contains far more than something to drink. Like every other tool, a can of Coke is a product of our world entire and contains inventions that trace all the way back to the origins of our species.

The number of individuals who know how to make a can of Coke is zero. The number of individual nations that could produce a can of Coke is zero. This famously American product is not American at all. Invention and creation is something we are all in together. Modern tool chains are so long and complex that they bind us into one people and one planet. They are not only chains of tools, they are also chains of minds: local and foreign, ancient and modern, living and dead — the result of disparate invention and intelligence distributed over time and space. Coca-Cola did not teach the world to sing, no matter what its commercials suggest, yet every can of Coke contains humanity’s choir.

Since I’m on the topic of soda making,  “It tastes like ketchup soda,” he said. “Maybe you should go back to the egg cream.”


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Thieves trade steaks for drugs |

Meat dicks! Meat dicks!

Using stolen merchandise to fund a drug habit is nothing new, but using steaks to buy drugs is a fad that’s quickly catching on in Clark County, according to the sheriff’s office.

Steaks are targeted as a high-dollar item used to barter for drugs, said. Lt. Chris Clark with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

“What they’ll do is they’ll take $50, $60, $100 worth of steaks and shoplift them, and then take those out and trade them for drugs,” he said.

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