World of Classcraft | Rules

The student will eventually be qualified for a fine career playing MMORPGs

World of Classcraft is a role playing game that is played in the classroom. The goal of the game is to acquire real powers and to transform the classroom into an adventure. Players team up against the class, defeating monsters (homework) and bosses (exams). In WoC, players have a class, experience points (XP), hit points (HP), action points (AP) and power points (PP).

Action XP
Finding a mistake in the class notes 50
For each point above 70% in an exam 20
Giving the proper answer to a question in class 60
Helping another student with his classwork 75
Helping another player by using one’s powers 5 XP / AP spent
Being positive and hard-working for the duration of a class 100

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IRL – In Real Life (Short Version) on Vimeo

A short film about taking the red pill.

“IRL – In Real Life”, is a short documentary looking at the time an individual can spend in the world of an online game, in this case, World of Warcraft. The documentary is a personal look at the director, Anthony Rosner, and his own experience from playing Warcraft.

This is the shorter version for film festivals, the longer version can be found here –

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WoW Restaurant Opens in Beijing – YouTube

There is a World of Warcraft restaurant in China. I wonder if they serve things like “Crunchy Spider leg,” “Carrion Surprise,” or “Dig Rat Stew.” If you can’t pay, I suppose they send you to a room in the back to farm gold.

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Video Games | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios – YouTube

This is a short video featuring Ralph Baer, the inventor of the Odyssey, the first video game console. He also invented the Simon among other things. Now 90, his friends and wife are all dead, so most of his free time is spent inventing toys.

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First I’ve heard of this. I received a 3 player chess set a couple years ago, although unfortunately I’m rarely around more than one player at a time so I haven’t played it yet. The circular board looks neat though.

Here are the rules of the game, although it’s called Chess-Battle. There was already an existing chess variant called Double Chess (exactly what it sounds like) that had been invented in 1916.


“Airplanes” replace queens and “general staffs” play the part of kings in a new pastime known as “double chess.” Devised by a Russian inventor, A. C. Yurgelevich, the game is gaining popularity in that country. It is derived from chess, but the rules and strategy have been modified. The appearance of the pieces has been changed and the board has been trans- formed in order to modernize the game and simulate present-day warfare. To make room for an up-to-date military campaign, the board contains double the customary number of spaces. Gone are the old pawns, rooks, bishops, and knights; their places are taken, respectively by “soldiers,” “heavy artillery (symbolized by thick cartridges),” “machine guns (represented by slender bullets),” and “cavalry.” A new piece, known as a “tank,” has been added. The object of the game is to destroy the active forces of the enemy and to capture or declare checkmate against the hostile general staff. Each of the pieces have powers of movement and destruction according to its specific function in actual warfare.


Old people who play video games are happier, concludes study • News •

They should be studying whether or not they go on shooting sprees. If they’ve made it to old age, I highly doubt video games will sway them. Maybe they can finally put that argument to rest.

It suggests there’s a genuine link between gaming and “better well-being and emotional functioning”, commented the project’s Dr. Jason Allison. The team is now planning to research whether playing video games can improve mental health in old wrinklies.

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