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This is a collection of official looking mail which actually contains junk. What’s really ironic is that while these envelopes might get people to open them, they are not as effective as sending out a mailer that has straightforward information. People get annoyed that the content did not match the promise of official mail and not only do they throw it away, they do so with vitriol. Who in their right mind would do business with a company whose first correspondence with you screams “not legit?”

A conspicuous contemporary trend in “traditional” dead-tree junk mail (the snail-mail equivalent of online spam) is to follow the basic format of phishing e-mail: it comes in disguise as legitimate “important” mail, to trick you into clicking on opening it.

And so for a while now, we’ve been amassing a collection of what we call “Envelopes That Claim to be Important.”   Here are a few prime examples of what to watch out for.

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Terrifying Volcanic Lightning Photographed by Martin Rietze | Colossal

Very stunning. It looks like the sort of thing that belongs on the cover of a bad fantasy novel. More here.

Photographer Martin Rietze recently traveled to Japan where he had the incredible opportunity (or near grave misfortune?) of photographing the Sakurajima Valcano in southern Kyushu as it spewed forth smoke, fire, and lava bombs. If that wasn’t enough the hellish volcano also caused a lightning show that lasted over 20 seconds giving the photographer ample time to flee for his life take these stunning photographs. You can see many more images from the series right here. Of note, the photographer’s grit and fearlessness landed the top photo a feature on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day earlier this week. (via spoon & tamago)

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Portraits of Kids Around the World Posing with Their Favorite Toys


Like many photographers around the world, Gabriele Galimberti enjoys traveling. During an 18 month span of travels, Galimberti visited and photographed children in a long list of countries around the world with each child posing with his or her favorite toys. Lucas was one of the kids Galimberti visited for his project, which is titled “Toy Stories.”

For each of the images, Galimberti played with the children and their toys for a short time, helped them arrange the toys neatly on the ground, and then had the kids post for a portrait. Through the many portrait sessions, Galimberti discovered that children around the world have similarities and differences. While all enjoy playing and having fun, the economic status of the children apparently has a big influence on the children’s personalities.

The wealthiest children were more possessive of their belongings, refusing to let Galimberti touch the toys at first. Building rapport with those kids took longer. The poorer children were much more receptive to Galimberti and were more generous with their fewer belongings. In the poorest countries, children often had very few toys, and therefore spent most of their time outdoors with friends.

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Porn Stars Before and After Their Makeup Makeover (93 pics) – Izismile.com

They must feel naked without their make-up. Some of the differences are fairly dramatic. I bet you thought it was all airbrushing.

This one looks like she’s 12 sans makeup (maybe she is.)

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Porn Stars Before and After Their Makeup Makeover (93 pics) – Izismile.com.