O. Henry Punoff World Championship Final Round 2012 – YouTube

By the time you finish this, your forehead and palm will be beet red.


The O. Henry Pun-Off is a yearly spoken word competition that takes place every May at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas.
Started in 1978, the Pun-Off gathers fans of wordplay to celebrate the pun, which English poet and literary critic John Dryden called “the lowest and most groveling kind of wit.”[1] The event has been organized and run for many years by Austinite Gary Hallock.
Participants compete in two areas: Punniest of Show, which features individuals performing a 90-second prepared piece filled with puns; and Punslingers, which pits individual punsters in head-to-head bouts of spontaneous punning on a surprise theme.
From its inception, the O. Henry Pun-Off has used a four-person panel of judges that offers scores of 1-10 based on performance, originality, and wit. The four scores were added together for a combined score of 4-40 for each participant. (Scores lower than 1 are raised to 1, and scores higher than 10 are lowered to 10). The highest scoring punster wins each event, with ties being decided by audience applause. Beginning in 2009, however, the judge panel has been expanded to six people, with the highest and lowest scores discarded and the remaining four scores added together to form each participant’s combined score of 4-40. This change was enacted to prevent any one judge from having the ability to disqualify a punster by giving a much lower score than the other judges.
A separate award is also given yearly for the Most Viable Punster, a title awarded by votes from each year’s participants and given in honor of late punster George McClughan.

For those who made it through without a concussion:

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Elevator Murder Experiment – YouTube

It’s nice to see that some people try to help. The last dude looked like he was taking a picture (possibly to his facebook?)


If they were in animal costumes, this could pass for a Remi Galliard prank.

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Pegadinha “Não aperte o botão” || “Do not push the button” prank in brazil – 17/02/13 – YouTube

They should install these everywhere.

Pegadinha "Não aperte o botão" || "Do not push the button" prank in brazil – 17/02/13 – YouTube.

There is a list of 28 state-approved hairstyles in North Korea | Today I Learned Something New

I wonder if there is an official haircut inspector who carries around a tape measure. The punishment is probably beheading or mullets.

Wearing a hairstyle outside these guidelines is not permitted.
Photos by David Guttenfelder, AP Photo

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